You may have seen an agility competition on TV and thought, "Wow, that looks like fun. I wish my dog could do that". Well, thereís a darn good chance that the dog in your life can do that, and most dogs and their owners love it!

Agility as a dog sport is great fun. Itís an excellent way to spend time with your dog and get you both some exercise. As long as your dog is healthy and sound, it doesnít matter what breed or mix she is.

The benefits of beginning agility extend much past just having fun, however. Itís a wonderful way to strengthen the bond between you and your dog. And it can be a major help in obedience training as well. Many dogs lose focus or get bored when learning the basic obedience commands. When we mix in some agility exercises such as weave poles, jumps, and tunnels, often a dogís whole attitude toward training will change. These dogs approach their training sessions with amazing enthusiasm and their overall performance becomes much more crisp and exact.


Train your dog to love learning.  It makes the whole process easier, and gets far better results!